Home Furnishings – Selection of Colors

Home Furnishings – Selection of Colors

Color is an emitter of energy that our brain receives from the Universe. Color connects us to the universe instantly as soon as our eyes see an object and transfer the data to our brain which interprets the color. How the brain processes the data sent by our eyes is something not accurately understood and remains largely unclear. However, we are certain that Colors play a vital role in our daily lives. The color psychology varies with geography and demography. Since ancient times, the choice of colors in the western world is primarily black and white whereas the East has exhibited flair toward red and green colors. Children are often seen as attracted to bright colors whereas adults pivot their choice around soothing and light colors. The color choice of males is different from those of females, and this applies universally. This gives us a fair indication that the mood, the state of mind and the purpose drive our choice of colors!

Let us understand the basic science behind colors harmony. The color wheel designed by English Physicist and Mathematician Sir Issac Newton some 350 years ago is still relevant and continues to be the basis of color scheme planning in modern times. The color wheel consists of three primary colors (RYB: red, yellow, blue), three secondary colors (green, orange, purple created from mixing of primary colors) and six tertiary colors (colors created from combination of Primary & secondary colors). Colors that look good together reflect or propagate color harmony. Diametrical division of Color wheel separates the warm color from cool colors. Cool colors are associated with calmness and tranquility whereas warm colors cheer up and energize our minds.

The soft furnishings designs are pivoted around good color scheme. The right combination of colors brings harmony to the home and fills the space with positive energy. Since color is a perception, there is no mathematical formula or a hard and fast rule about color schemes. Colors need to be chosen in such a way that they adapt to the surrounding and the character of space. Whichever color one chooses, the most important thing to keep in mind is to balance the five elements of nature and life; Earth, Sky, Water, air and Fire. This will ensure that the space is lively and full of positive energy. Ancient wisdom of the East emphasizes giving priority to the usage purpose when deciding on how to decorate personal spaces. For example, meditation room with black walls or furnishing will defeat the very purpose of meditation, Children playroom with dull colors may not look promising. The best way to choose product color is to see if it adapts to the surrounding, is in harmony with space and gives soothing effect to the people living in the space.

Brand Celona is committed to design and deliver its products with color considerations that enhance positive energy and harmony in personal space.

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